• Unicode search tool - browse around and search for Unicode characters, see properties, transformations.
  • Helpful - a wiki with notes that might prove useful
  • Arbitrary LaTeX reference - a summary of things figured out about LaTeX
  • Stuff on github
    duplicate file finder, log follower that avoids binaries, CPU+IO renicer, stracer of iowait-ing processes, recent-file finder, PHPLatex, that sort of thing

Image related playthings

  • JPEG mosh - I did a glitchy thing.
  • Paletter - and an oldschool-palette thing.
  • searchable color names
  • Image indexing and filtering
    Started as an experiment to find duplicates.
    Became a generic computer vision thing, doing color analysis, playing with object detection, edge tracing to play in a sandbox, and anything else I think of, and working towards image fingerprinting.
  • image screensaver - fade-and-pan, fetches images from the mentioned image tool.
    needs packaging. and real hosting
  • pan/fader in browser same effect as above, in browser.
    needs demo here

Text related